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Hi guys, having just got myself up and running on FSX with my new system i have been sampling ORBX and too be honest im not that impressed I've had multiple issues with aircraft dissapearing, sky turning black and all sorts of rubbish.
I've searched through various forums on the ORBX site and it seems that they blame every other possible addon but their own software.
So i completely binned ORBX off my system and just ran rex/w overdrive and my UK2000 addons. I only use 2 addon aircraft which is the KBT P3 Orion (amazing by the way been flying this for about 10 years via FS9) and the brand new Aerosoft A318/391, and low and behold no more graphics issues.
After spending well over £150 on ORBX products im pretty gutted and I knew it was too good to be true by the sheer size of the products so i'll either stay with the default scenery or look at Ultimate Terrain.
If anyone else has had these problems feel free to post its only fair that consumers get to hear the full story rather than be sold on the glossy videos like i was.

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I have now purchased UTX Europe and after a wee of tweaking with my CFG file I am over the moon with the results, much more realistic and brighter than the dark un-lifelike textures that FTX brings, during some testing of my FPS i flew the highly detailed Aerosoft A319 over EGLL and London city with AI traffic set at 100% and maintained my locked 30FPS throughout and the photorealistic scenery was just amazing i was even running REX and Enviro in the background. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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