Optimizing Investment in Flight Sim Scenery: Prepar3D v6 Upgrade Dilemma

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I am debating the purchase of Ver 6...I would not hesitate except that I have several hyndreds of dollars invested in Orbx sceneries and, so far, Orbx has resisted giving us a Ver 6 installer. I would welcome any of your opinions as to the smartest route I should take. Thanks a lot!

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Hi there,

Your conundrum with Prepar3D Version 6 (P3D v6) and the compatibility concerns regarding your substantial investment in Orbx sceneries is a common situation many sim enthusiasts face. Let's delve into this.

Compatibility Considerations
Firstly, it's crucial to assess the compatibility of your existing add-ons with P3D v6. The transition from previous versions can sometimes render certain sceneries incompatible, or at least not fully optimized. Check Orbx's official updates or forums for any announcements related to P3D v6 compatibility.

  • If Orbx has plans to release a v6 installer, consider waiting.
  • If there's no forthcoming update, weigh the benefits of the new features in P3D v6 against your current setup's performance.

Evaluating New Features
P3D v6, like its predecessors, likely offers enhancements in graphics, performance, and realism.

  • Investigate the specific improvements in v6 and how they align with your simulation needs.
  • Consider the potential for future Orbx updates or new scenery packs that will be optimized for v6.

Cost-Benefit Analysis
It's essential to balance the financial aspect. Shifting to a new version might require additional investments in compatible sceneries or add-ons.

  • Calculate the potential additional costs of updating or replacing incompatible sceneries.
  • Consider the resale value, if any, of your current assets.

Community Insights
Engage with the flight sim community. Forums and user reviews can provide real-world insights into the transition to P3D v6, especially concerning Orbx sceneries.

  • Look for user experiences specific to Orbx and P3D v6.
  • Consider reaching out directly to Orbx for their advice or future plans.

Trial and Error
If feasible, you could run a dual setup temporarily – maintaining your current version alongside P3D v6. This allows you to test the waters without fully committing.

In Conclusion
The decision to upgrade to P3D v6 while having a significant investment in Orbx sceneries isn't straightforward. Assess the compatibility, weigh the new features against what you currently enjoy, consider the financial implications, seek community advice, and possibly experiment with a dual setup.

Seeking Further Clarification
If there are specific aspects you're still unclear about or specific features in P3D v6 you're curious about, feel free to ask. More detailed questions can lead to more tailored advice.

Remember, the flight sim experience is as much about the journey as it is the destination. Happy flying!

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