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FSX PA-28 Unused Damage Model?

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Hey everybody.

I was playing FSX's all new Steam Edition today when I noticed something strange about this AI-only airplane. It seems that under the wings and tail there are torn cables / snapped part of the metal frame modeled.

Here are images:

Does anybody recognize a usage for these seen in the game world / a mission? It would be interesting to know that FSX may have originally had damage models.

Also, this plane along with a few others found in the files didn't make it over from FS9 (also, I think some of the AI-only planes in the "simobjects" folder are brand new) possibly because of licensing issues.

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It looks to me like the video card isn't capable of rendering the graphic intensive quality of that particular aircraft.
The only way to be sure is to move most of your slides to the left and make the Sim look bad but channel all the video cards "power" to the aircraft.
If the aircraft looks good then you know it's your video card.

As for FS9, they (Microsoft) didn't port any aircraft over to FSX that wouldn't "work" properly.
The change came when they issued SP1 and SP2 otherwise known as The Acceleration Pack compatible.
That's when FS9 aircraft started to look "bad'.

I hope this helped.

Why not just buy FSX Gold, load it on your own machine and enjoy it how and when you wish.
I have never used "Steam".


FSXfan64 Guest

I think you misunderstood my post. The reason why those screenshots look like that is because I purposefully moved the camera through the wings to demonstrate that part of the airplane's model.

Also, I bought the Steam version because it was $5 on sale yesterday. It is the same as the Gold edition with minor changes. I own all variations of FSX boxed, but I have lost some of my CD keys.

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Never have used Steam I don't know what changes they make to an existing "game", so finding the reason for the "errors" is difficult.
Maybe someone in charge of the site can help.
They are a huge site so they must have experts that can answer your problems.
Sorry and good luck!


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