Landing bug at Carlisle PA - Rwy 28?

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I was hoping that someone else could help be confirm a bug that makes it difficult (or nearly impossible) to land on runway 28 at the Carlisle, Pennsylvania Airport (N94). It is very difficult for me to enter a standard glide slope. The plane just will not lose altitude no matter what my indicated air speed is. I have also tried turning the winds to 0 but it makes no difference.
I am typically flying a Cessna 172 on a left approach. Downwind leg at 1,500' MSL.
I am taking lessons at this airport and runway 28 is the typical active because of the consistent wind direction. I like to use this airport in FSX to aid in my flight training but I cannot get an acceptable landing on runway 28. Landing on runway 10 is no problem.
If someone has some time... see if you experience the same thing or if it something weird on my PC.

Thanks in advance!

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I treid it with no problems

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I tried it in Flight Simulator 2004 but it should be the same setup in FSX:

The Carlisle, Pennsylvania Airport (N94) has a Pulsating VASI(PVASI) indicator on the left hand side of the runway. It appears to be located about the third taxiway down. That's pretty far from the threshold but could be that way in real life. The PVASI is unique but is being phased out and replaced by the PAPI . On Glideslope indication is a steady white light. I landed without problems but the PVASI is sensitive and a little tricky if you're not used to it.

As far as not being able to slow, it should not matter which end of the runway you approach from. I don't know of anything in the computer/program that would effect the aircraft based only on which direction you approach the runway.

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