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I have a gaming computer with windows 8.1 on it and i downloaded fsx deluxe edition and installed it. I had also put on service pack 1 and 2 on it which you would usually do. I was playing it for 2 days then there was a problem. Every time i was flying, it would just crash about 20 minutes into the flight. It would say there has been an error and it would close down so i would have to restart it.

The next day i went on the Microsoft website and typed in if fsx deluxe was compatible with windows 8.1 and it said it wasn't. So do i need a different fsx or just find a solution?

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You may find this article helpful:

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Thanks 4 the help. So i need the standard edition?

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I would buy the gold, it has SP1 and SP2 built in along with new aircraft and scenery.


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You'll have a hard time finding the physical product in any store. Microsoft stopped manufacturing Flight Simulator X several months ago after the franchise was sold to Dovetail Games.

All stores I've see are now out of stock (and stock will never return).

The new way to get (an up to date) version of FSX is to purchase from Steam:

This comes bundled with all service packs and expansions. This has also been tweaked for improvements in performance. It is also compatible (I believe) with Windows 8.1.

Steam is a platform where you can download software, particularly games.

I noticed in your original post you said you "downloaded" FSX Deluxe Edition... from where?

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