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vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

LOL. The thing is a croswind 30 😳 thats alot man, thats a hard landing plus a t-storm coming in, I feel bad for the pilot, he was angry like WOW, plus he was trying so hard, that probebly pissed in his pents.

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Karlw Captain

after the things they saw at area 51 they might have before they left 😂 yes I know to the first time I was landing it was a bit of a surprise I didn't think I was going to land he just said line up an flare well it didn't turn out to be the best landing and we had about a 15 knot crosswind but a 30 😳

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Steve (astrosteve) First Officer

That has to be an older Groom Lake Private Aircraft that goes to Area-51. I mean it was taken at Las Vegas Airport. What else could this airplane be there for with those markings.

😎 Radar


I guess aliens are not used to have to have to line up for landing, they must just land like helicopters 😂

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JLangevin First Officer

Karlw wrote:

after the things they saw at area 51 they might have before they left 😂 yes I know to the first time I was landing it was a bit of a surprise I didn't think I was going to land he just said line up an flare well it didn't turn out to be the best landing and we had about a 15 knot crosswind but a 30 😳

Karl: You are also comparing when you landed a Cessna (or similar GA, Im not sure what you were flying) to a commercial 737 in crosswind! Naturally when you land, you account for weight, wind, barameter, and several other factors... so your 15kt crosswind in your super light GA, may have felt the same, if not WORSE than the 737-200 felt. Make sense?

You should try flying at my local municipal! I live right at the bottom of what is called the Cajon Pass.... its a natural pass in the mountains that links the lower valley, with the high desert. You have the cooler, more dense air of the valley, mixing with the hot dry desert air being thrust down through the canyon, and right into my airfield which is a whopping 7mi away!!

Bottom line, our windsock is nearly fully extended most of the time, and GA traffic hs dimished quite a bit.

There was one approach I was on when I was 17 and getting my license where moments before greasing, I was hit with a 55mph gust, head on... I was at about 1/4 throttle since I was landing into the headwind and was instantly thrust a good 50ft back into the air.... now, imagine the amount of sheer that I endured, coupled with the constant head wint of about 20kts, and 1/4 throttle.... Fortunately, The runway is long enough to handle a small jet, so having length to recover, or decide to go around wasnt a problem.... was certainly scarey though!!

I have since moved my club membership to a community, a but further away from the pass!!! Its too bad, the airport is only a stones throw from my house..

Look up the airport if you like, you will see its geographical location in comprison to the mountains.... look up "L67" (Rialto Municipal) at Airliners.net

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JLangevin First Officer
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GoodisonBlue First Officer

www.makeashorterlink.com for anyone who's not discovered it yet btw 🙂

That was some link in the first post !

Flichtcrazy Guest

Can anyone tell what I need to do to land a 747 as I don't know which altitude I need to be in to make my descent and which speeds as it keeps stalling. also when i do land which commands do i need to do to slow down as well as using breaks and reverse thrust. Antoher problem I have is when i am in flight it shows up overspeed and that annoying alarm sounds, i try to slow down and the alarm stops but it then stalls and by the time i get the plane going again i have plunged down to my death in some trees. Can anyone help?

help1 Guest

Forget about the 747 as you are a newbie. Learn how to fly first e.g. learn how to use the autopilot, ILS landing and all the commands for things like flaps, gear ,airbrakes/spoilers, reverse thrust etc. Once you have done this then you will be able to land a 747. Also the payload and the amount of fuel on an aircraft changes its V-speeds and stall speed. The default 747 in FSX is not very realistic and is so easy to fly so it should not take you long to learn how to fly it. Get a PMDG 747 paywear s this is so much more real lol. Practice in a smaller plane first.

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vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

Karlw wrote:

Gosh when I go for flying lessons not eve my landing are that bad 😂


After looking at the discription. By the Canadian flight rules, if any aircraft jets, general aviation anything is flying in incoming tornados, heavy heavy storms bla bla bla, the plane has to vacate immidiatly the area, and circle in one point until its finished or easier to land, or land in a safe airport. This one I remember very good from my PSTAR exam from 200 questions. 😉

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