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leinsters Guest

Hi there -

I am returning to MS flight sim after nearly ten years away and just installed FSX. I have been playing a lot of DCS A10C and Mig21 where performance on my machine is excellent.

I am currently severely disappointed at the performance of FSX with sub 20 FPS on stock airports using PMDG 747.

When I had FS2004 I remember all the replacement files for autogen, clouds, you name it! that significantly improved performance. Where do I begin to find those?

Textures in the cockpit appear worse than what I remember in FS2004 all those years ago. (textures in DCS are incredibly detailed).

I am wondering what I am doing wrong, as I don't believe this is how it should be, and by looking at some YouTube video, this sim can look incredible. Right now I'm stumped and could do with some help!

Thanks so much,

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leinsters Guest

Sorry, forgot to mention my machine specs.

i7 4.3, 16 Gig Ram, GTX 970.


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For replacement textures etc. you can search our extensive database for free goods or for payware.

You didn't mention if you have SP1 and SP2 "patches" installed.
They will not only enhance your Sim but they have the fix to make all the cores of your i7 work.
Without them you are running a single core and your card and machine is too good for that.
I and many others prefer to buy The Acceleration Pack (it is also now part of FSX gold).
It not only have some new aircraft and scenery but has SP1 and SP2 built in so when loading it they will enter the Sim seamlessly, you will notice the difference.
I personally lock FSX at 20fps.

Good luck and let us know how you do.


leinsters Guest

Thanks. I'm actually using the new FSX Steam edition which is meant to have better performance from the start. I've been tweaking endlessly and managed to get a few more FPS but no where near what I would expect (DCS Mig21 = 60+ FPS, FSX SE PMDG 747 = 20+ FPS).

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I see.
I haven't any idea what "Steam" is using for FSX.
If there is any way to find out if they have SP1 and SP2 patched in that would help you in finding out why and what.

With your setup you should be getting excellent graphics and FPS.
The aircraft you are having problems with is very graphic intensive. If they haven't allowed for that then that's your problem explained.


leinsters Guest

I've managed to double my FPS by searching around the net. Still tweaking but a whole lot better than 24 hours ago!

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Tweaking will hep but with a setup like you have you shouldn't have to do so much of it.
One of these days, buy FSX Gold and I think you'll enjoy it more.



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