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Hey there- I'm looking to purchase a g1000 hardware unit and I'm looking at this g1000 - http://www.nobleflightsim.com/product-page/70d6f9f1-2caf-55b0-9b6e-1a3b2e9fc8fa it appears to need some software from Mindstar- does anyone have experience with these types of units... and do you know how it would work with carenado aircraft?

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Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Captain
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By the looks of it, that piece of hardware only works with Prepar3D. Is that what you are running?

Carenado do support G1000 in many of their aircraft but I'm unsure how an external unit like that would work with is. Best bet is to speak to Fernando @ Carenado. You can contact their support here:

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