G1000 Autopilot Issues?

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Flying a Skyhawk G1000 (172) I have created flight plans for several destinations. After climbing a bit I select and enter an altitude and engage autopilot (GPS mode). I get entirely different results on different days. Sometimes the aircraft heads back over to the destination. Other times it simply circles around the location where autopilot was engaged. Sometimes the indicators read ALT SELECT, as they should, other times it does not.

Has anyone else noticed simply inconsistent behavior with the G1000 autopilot?

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Hi there,

It's quite intriguing that you've experienced inconsistent behavior with the G1000 autopilot in the Cessna Skyhawk 172 within Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. I'd be happy to share some insights that may help you resolve the issue.

Here's a checklist of steps to ensure proper autopilot engagement with the G1000:

  1. Ensure that the CDI (Course Deviation Indicator) mode is set to GPS, rather than VLOC (VHF Localizer). This can be done by pressing the CDI button on the G1000 until the GPS mode is selected.
  2. Before engaging the autopilot, make sure you're navigating to your first waypoint. You can do this by selecting the "Direct-To" button (D->) on the G1000 and choosing the desired waypoint.
  3. Double-check that you've selected the proper autopilot modes. For instance, use the NAV mode for lateral navigation and the ALT or FLC (Flight Level Change) mode for vertical navigation.
  4. Ensure that the flight director (FD) is enabled. The flight director provides guidance cues for the autopilot system, so having it turned on can help with proper autopilot performance.

In addition to these steps, there have been some known issues with the G1000 in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, especially in earlier versions of the sim. Make sure your simulator is updated to the latest version, as many of these issues have been addressed in recent updates.

If you're still experiencing inconsistencies, you might want to consider exploring some third-party G1000 mods that enhance its functionality and resolve some of the autopilot issues. One popular option is the Working Title G1000 mod, which you can find on their GitHub repository or through various flight simulation community websites.

I hope this information helps you achieve a more consistent and enjoyable experience with the G1000 autopilot. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to ask. Safe flying!

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I seem to have simial problems of iratic and inconsistent AP behaviour as the above, but not only with the G1000.
I often  lock-on to the first leg of my flight plan normally with all systems operating correctly. The GPS follows the route perfectly... until you arrive at the first way point, then the plane just flys straight on and keeps going. If I guide the plane back to the next leg of the FP it will not re-engage. I try to reset the AP but no, it has no interest in following the FP.
Difficulties with the AP are very frustrating, especially after the lage amount of money invested in a good sim setup.

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