FSX reinstall problem in windows 7

Edmeister Guest

Hi guys! I uninstalled FSX because I was having problems copy and pasting downloaded airplanes. So, I tried to reinstall FSX.

When I put the CD in the drive, it would go as far as Install Wizard, then it said Copying Files, but nothing happened. This is on a 64 bit system.

I tried to install as an Administrator and a User and it wouldn't load.

I've had this purchased copy of FSX since 2006 or whenever it first came out.

I installed FS9 and it loaded fine.

What I'm wondering is if my copy of FSX is simply worn out?

As always, thanks --



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RadarMan Chief Captain

Chances are that you left some hidden folders or some registry lines are still there.

Try free revo and see if that helps.



Edmeister Guest

Radar Man, I downloaded the uninstaller that you recommended, I still can't get it to reinstall. Do you think if I
got another copy of FSX, that it might install?

Thanks, Edmeister 🙂 🙂

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RadarMan Chief Captain

No, you have something left on your computer as I said.
You have to clean that out.

Very seldom do the disks get "bad".
Search the computer for FSX and search the registry if you know how.
If you don't you can download a 30 free trial of registry cleaner.



Edmeister Guest

Radar Man, I finally got FSX to work. I had forgotten I had copied it to a flash drive. I tried all of your suggestions,
and none of them worked. I did find some FSX files in the registry, but deleting them did not help. As a last resort,
I copy pasted FSX from the flash drive to the hard drive, and now it works just fine. I am even able to copy paste
my downloaded planes into my hangar. Thanks again for all your help.

😀 😀 😀

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Glad you have it working now!


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