FSX keeps freezing on me

Anthony Murray Guest

I have been a msflight user since day one until now, I have FSX running in Windows 7 64 bit Asus latest M/B quad core processor 16gb ram with AMD Radeon HD 7800 video card my problem has recently decided to occur I can fly all day doing circuits at Friday Harbour using different Aircraft but as soon as i try to fly a planned flight with say a 737 a couple of minutes into the flight FSX freezes or goes blue screenI have just completed a full reinstall of windows 7 and all FSX and add ons please help

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Damian (leggy) Trainee

Hi has your system been overclocked? I was looking to overclock my system and read up on it and the screen going blue was one of the faults that could accur. Not saying it is that but just something i have read.

Anthony Murray Guest

No sys has not been overclocked thanks for the thought

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Either the video card can't handle the graphic intensive aircraft you using or the computer has dust problems and needs to be cleaned.

To test the video card, turn down the autogen, clouds, shadows, and AI.
The Sim will look terrible but now your putting the cards power to the aircraft not the scenery.

If you clean it out, make certain to get all the dust out of the CPU fan and the video card fans.


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