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Rick G Guest

Hi all, I just downloaded a freeware Cessna Skywagon 185. It has a foreign registry. I tweeked the CFG file for ATC using the aircraft numbers and ATC uses the callsign Experimental VH-DGL. In that this is a Cessna manufactured aircraft, how can I get rid of the prefix "Experimental?" I don't mind the foreign registry, but would like to get rid of the prefix!

Anybody with hints and/or solutions, I would appreciated it!

Thanks - Rick

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Rick G Guest

Sorry, I really should check these a little closer before asking help from the forum. in the Aircraft cfg file, I found under description, author had the model of the aircraft, followed by VH-DGL \nby by the author's name.
I had tried most everything, and decided to delete the reference to \nby. I restarted FSX with the aircraft, and now there is no ATC's reference to "Experimental"

I really lucked out on this freeware, the author said the glass was missing, I don't see that. I did have to replace the panel as the download panel, did not have prop control and manifold pressure gauge. Only thing I have noticed is the control for the cowl flaps is not working. Other than that, I got a "keeper" for sure!

Thanks again and happy flying! - Rick

Rick G Guest

Anyone interested in a nice Cessna 185 freeware download, I found this one on this site. Just do a search on General Aviation W/ base models, Page 11

Author said he replaced the panel, and he probably did, but it did not have prop control and manifold guage. I transferred a C182 panel over to the 185 to make it right.


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Thank you for all the information.
I'm sure others will be interested now that you've cleared things up.


Rick G Guest

RadarMan - What a find too! And, the price was right! I had been looking at the Carenado 185's, but with the price of the payware, I was reluctant to pay the price and then regret it, not knowing! This download will suit my needs for now!

Thanks - Rick

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