Erratic Flight in Boeing 787-800

Rick G Guest

Enjoying a freeware download Boeing 787-800. Aircraft is very easy to fly, very stable, that is until making an approach to land! Aircraft will climb an additional 1000' when turning from downwind to base, and lose 800' when turning from base to final. Any suggestions as to whether or not any settings in the CFG file can be made to tame this "bad boy" down? Like I said all is good until you get near the airport for landing!

Anybody had similar experiences and/or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks - Rick

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Hello there,

A Wild One!!

Freeware are great, but some do have issues. You could start with checking your approach settings
and dont forget the NAV/GPS switch. Check that your ILS and FD are on. Then when ILS diamond drops
to 0 level (should see it left of your altitude indicator) then switch to approach.

If you have a sudden climb, maybe you were too low before you began the CRS. Do you use the ATC with your
flights? do you know what the height off approach is? Or do you just wing it, like some I know? Wink

Mealone 🙂

Rick G Guest

I get all my ILS approach altitudes from Sky Vector. When I watch the diamond, it is all over up and down, like it is chasing a jack rabbit! I fly the 787 just like I fly the 757 and the 767 without issues, beginning to think I might try another panel see if it makes a difference! I appreciate all your suggestions, and they are "spot on!" I learned IlS the hard way, but have got them down now on all my aircraft, except this new one, the 787-800 is trying my patience! Other than the drop/increase in altitude close to the airport, this aircraft flies like a dream. I have emailed the author, in hope that he might have some suggestions!

Thanks, I will keep the forum posted if I or any of the participants on this forum come up with anything that might help!

Thanks - Rick

Rick G Guest

Cancel my request for help, I have tried everything, ended up deleting the download and downloaded another aircraft from another site. The new download flies just fine, no issues!

Thanks - Rick


Hi Rick,

Glad to see you solved your patience problem. Like I said, freeware isn't always what you expect it to be.
I had issues with a freeware a few months back (very frustrating) it was ground issues to be exact, flight was
great and most of the controls responded as expected. But the ground issue was preventing me from
selecting the aircraft for my next flight.

Finally found there was an update available to solve these issues. Now I would choose this plane above others
And it is still freeware. So just goes to show, some creators do follow up on their creations and tweak the faults
to help you enjoy your new freeware download to the max.

Happy flying ❗

Mealone 🙂

Rick G Guest

Mealone - Thanks for the replies. Some of the freeware downloads, makes you wonder if the developers even try them before releasing them to the public? I had a C182 once that wouldn't even go down the runway straight, made a hard turn to the left. Talk about patience, I had some with that! I compared CFG file from another 182 download I had, and come to find out, the Weight Balance entries weren't even close to where they should have been. I tweaked those settings and had another nice flying bird! This one, however, whipped me to the point I gave up and moved on to another download! No regrets there, it is a dream to fly!

Thanks and have a nice day! - Rick

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