Scruffyduck Software Scenery Design: Help please

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After Downloading and installing FSX Scruffyduck Software Scenery Design. Then clicking the SDETestApp.exe
All that happens is. A messaage window opens for a few seconds stating. Test Test App not working. any help appriciated.
I have the Following REQUIREMENTS it requires to run: FSX SDK to use SDE if you wish to compile bgl files. You do not need
it if you just wish to explore Scenery Bgl files. The SDK is not freely down loadable and is
supplied by Microsoft only with the deluxe version of FSX. SDE uses components of the
SDK and you must have these for the program to work compile
● Microsoft's dotNET 2.0.
● You may need other software such as MSXML if not already installed.
I have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 installed on my system. is this the same as.Microsoft's dotNET 2.0.
As i can not find a down load for this. Could this be the Problem !

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They put out new NET. every so often, you shouldn't have any problems with that.
Any problems with their software contact them, they are the experts.


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Thanks.RadarMan. For the info and link. will Do.

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