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I have not used FS-98 for fifth million years. I broke down and purchased FSX Deluxe. I have Windows 8.1. I have Acceleration as well.

I have searched and searched for ever to try to learn how to install them with as little trouble I can. I figure it at least good to ask how someone what and when to do the various things.

I understand, if you install Acceleration, you do not need to install SP-2, but you do need SP-1. I am interested in knowing, do you install in Compatibility mode, and Compatibility with what. Those are the kinds of things I would like to know.

I have tried to find a list of things to do, in one place, to install the best i can. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much,


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You have what I have.
Install FSX then install Acceleration, don't hesitate or try to fly in between loading them.
SP1 and SP2 are already uilt in to Acceleration so you don't have to load either, they go in smoothly.
It's the best way to load them.

Enjoy your first flight, make it in training or just free flight but use a small aircraft or the DC-3, don't try an airliner it will be discouraging.


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