Using FSX in cinimatic cutscenes for movies/games?

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I am creating a short movie and need to scenes of a realistic landings from various camera angles.

Does anyone know if I would be allowed to use FSX for recording and mixing video clips into my final cut?

If it's not so straight forward, then could it be possible to capture/record the aircraft orientation data (like a blackbox) so I can use the data as animation data from within Blender3d to render my scene?

Also how would I know which aircrafts I may use? Are there any models that are CC Zero?

Would cockpit scenes be the same as external scenes regarding usage licenses?

Thanks Very Much!!

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Sorry for the horrible typos, after submitting I see I can't edit my own posts ("You cannot edit your posts in this forum"). 😕

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I can't see why you couldn't use it...but.
If you are investing a great deal of money in the film then I would contact Microsoft just to be sure.
Snail mail them, you want to have a hard copy of their answer.


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