Cannot capture screenshot at this time

Edmeister Guest

Hey guys! Have any of you received this message when trying to capture a screenshot? I purchased a new
plane, and after installing and flying it, I tried to take a picture of it by pressing the v key. I checked the
command keys in settings, to make sure the v key was the correct command key, and it is. I am stumped.
I purchased the plane from simshack. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Edmeister 😕 🙂

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Check the pictures folder under "Flight Simulator X Files", it should be there.
If it's no longer working for some weird reason get a free screenshot program.


Edmeister Guest

Radarman, I found the FSX picture file. There are only two pictures in it. When you capture a screenshot, where
does the screenshot go? I have taken over 300 screenshots over time. I figured out that I can use the snipping
tool, but it is a little more inconvenient. I know where to look in the game , but how do I find them in Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Flight Simulator X, etc. Thanks in advance, Edmeister

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RadarMan Chief Captain

See if this helps.

C:\Users\Your PC Name\My Pictures\Flight Simulator X Files


Edmeister Guest

Radarman, that did help me find my pictures. I only have 2175 pictures in the folder. (8.49 gigs). I created a new
folder and copy pasted from the My Pictures Flight SimulatorX Files to the new folder and then deleted the
contents. I then went back into FSX and pressed the v key. It came up with the same "cannot capture
screenshot at this time" message. Since I downloaded this payware plane the v command has not worked. I have downloaded countless freeware planes and never had this problem. Still stumped, Edmeister 😕 Thanks!

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Glad you found the folder.
As for the "V" I would delete the last download and see if it's causing the problem.



Make sure your desktop resolution matches that of your FSX Installation.

Bernardo Lopez Guest


Check that your screen resolution matches that of your FSX installation.


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