F-18 military grade simulator cockpit for sale

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I am selling an F-18 cockpit that I acquired from surplus at a NASA / Navy facility. The cockpit is an F-18 trainer and one of the pictures shows it when fully operational prior to decommissioning.
The cockpit is designed for back projected instrumentation. I have multiple instrument panel layouts that were used by NASA for research. One of the pico-projectors is still in it. The device has control loading, but I have no schematics for anything in the cockpit. The seat has motorized height, rudder pedals are adjustable fore and aft.

To many details for here so email me. The unit is on rollers and can be moved easily by two people. I used a lift gate truck to get it to my warehouse.

Buyer is responsible for all transportation. Asking $13,000. This is a restricted device so it can only be sold to a U.S. citizen for use in the U.S. (It is ITARS controlled)

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Matthew Smith Guest

Is the pit still available?

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