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I downloaded the photorealscenery of Serbia, there are 4 files, 0.50 m and 1 m. I understand the difference. There are two other files, North and South. Are these instead of the other files or do they have to be added on top of one of the others?
There is no readme.
with kind regards,
Piet de Geus

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For this add-on here:

Yes, you will need to include all of the .bgl files in your scenery library.

Some areas are 0.50m, some are 1m and some are 2m. You need to install all of them. They should not collide and have different filenames.

What platform are you using the scenery files with? I only ask as you have posted in the Flight Sim World forum. I think you are running P3D from your other posts? I'll move this topic there 🙂

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Yes, I am using Prepar3D V4 and I also already installed Slovenia and Malta, both without any problem.
with kind regards,
Piet de Geus

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Hello! Where to find autogen for a landscape?

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