X-Plane 12 Photoreal Scenery: not really any different?

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I loaded the photoreal xplane 12 scenery packs downloaded from here, following the instructions here.  The result, though, was basically the same quality.  I definately would not qualify it as "photoreal".

Moreover, I definately had some substantial issues with the airport KPUW when the scenery packs were loaded: the airport had what appears to be a clif in it, and a (car) road running right through the airport.  The runway was completely unusable there.  If I disabled the scenery downloaded from here, it worked fine.

I am using XP12 Steam edition, and (before adding any of the scenery here), I downloaded the "additional free content" from Steam that was supposed to be the base scenery.  (Without that, for example, sea-tac airport was just a field of water, no runways or anything.  This is used in one of the tutorials).  After loading the Steam scenery, I didn't run into any more issues with airports being "under water", but I would hardly rate the result as "photoreal".

So, from that, is this what is more or less expected?  Is the steam scenery download basically the same as the photoreal scenery here?  

If extra scenery would improve the visuals of XP12, is it possible to set it up to download as you go (eg, anytime you're near the boarder of what is downloaded, have it background download the next quadrant of scenery)?  I think FlightGear was doing this when I last used it....

Thanks all!

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