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For those who don’t know how to do an ILS landing in the Default Boeing 747-400, this should help you. First, open the map by clicking MAP in the world menu, or by clicking the star-shaped button on the 2D main panel. Click on your destination, then select the runway assigned to you by ATC. Tune your NAV1 radio, found on the radio stack, to the ILS frequency. Set you course, found in the upper right corner of the horizontal situation indicator, to the runway heading. press CTRL+1, and when you hear the annoying Morse code, press CTRL+1 again, and engage autopilot if not already engaged. *Press the APP button on the main panel, and let the plane fly itself to the runway. Make sure your speed break is armed, and your flaps and gear are lowered, auto-break 2 is recommended as well. at about 200 feet, disengage autopilot and auto throttle, set thrust to idle, and just fly the last leg, if you are not lined up, go around.

*make sure your NAV/GPS switch is set to NAV.

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This is it translated using google translate:

Go to ILS related to defeat work at Boeing 747-400, which will help you. First, open the card on the map map on the ground or click on the standard 2D button to say 'yes'. Touch the result, then select the path assigned to the ATC. As with your NAV1 email, which is located on the Aboriginal radio, the ILS frequency. Test the plan, e'ike'ia ka'ao'ao'ākau at the center, through the internet. press Ctrl + 1, and if the Morse Teacher Appeal, press Ctrl + 1 and enter the pilot to set in. * Press the APP button on the desktop and past the flight path. Make sure you put your fastest and fastest and lightweight bow and score, compared to ho'ohāme'a pū'ia. end, firmly, wandering.

* To protect NAV / GPS configuration in NAV

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Gotta love Google Translate

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