F4 Phantom install question for FSX Steam version


I have the steam version of MS FSX and dl a F4 phantom to add to my aircraft inventory. How do I do this with the Steam version?

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This should be of some help, good luck!



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Click on Pc icon, then click the drive that you want to open . Click on (eg) "C:/ Program files x 86, Then scroll to steam, then to steam apps , then to common, then to FSX. Once the content of FSX is shown scroll to sim objects, then to airplanes. 
In a new window, find your download folder, unzip the F4 aircraft which you downloaded, copy then paste the aircraft folder to the airplanes folder in FSX.
Any Effects or Gauges shown alongside the aircraft folder should be pasted to the main FSX folder.
When you run FSX you will find your downloaded F4 Phantom if you change aircraft in the opening screen which has Aircraft, Location, Weather, Time and Season on it.
Your downloaded F4 Phantom will appear ready to be flown from whichever location and time you choose.
Hope this helps

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