Can I Move x-Plane 11 from D:\oculus\x-plane\ to e:\

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I added an SSD drive in my alienware aurora r9 (not happy with it's fans going crazy).  I have already installed x-plane 11 before I upgraded my memory and added two new SSD drives.  Is it possible to move x-plane 11 to the new SSD drive in hopes of getting some fair performance upgrade or do I have to do a whole new install?  And any help about settings on the 2019 Alienware Aurora R9 with 32gig, 512mb ssd C:  1tb d: Seagate Sata (and from what I understand that is the max size it supports), E: and F: are 2tb SSD drives.

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The problem with most software is that the main folder isn't the only file or folder.
Most large installs have a few hidden files and folder scattered around the main drive.
A clean uninstall and re-install would be your best bet.
Let us know what you do and how you do. Good luck!

Uninstall with this, you have to clean the registry.


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