How to install addon planes in X Plane 11?

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Hi, we are trying to install a new addon plane (767-400ER) from Flyaway, and we can't figure out how to install it into XPlane11. We are using a desktop iMac. We can only find instructions for installing the scenery or installing addon plans in Microsoft Flight Sim. We've downloaded the file but need to get it into the X-Plane program. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Marisa Guest

Hi again, we also don't know which file in the download is the README file. Nothing in the download package says README. Thanks...

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I take it that this is the one you downloaded.

Here is how to install it.
You just place your aircraft in the aircraft folder of X-Plane 11.

Start X-Plane 11 and when loaded select New Flight and then select the airplane you want to fly.

If it is a new file in X-Plane 11 then it will show a " ? " for the aircraft, just continue with loading and when X-Plane has finished loading, go to the menu and select Developer, then select Regenerate icons for the current aircraft.

The next time you go to select or change to another aircraft you will be able to see liveries for the aircraft.

Each time you add a new livery unless it has the X-Plane generate icons you will need to "Regenerate the icons" each time you add anew one.


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Certainly, installing an addon aircraft like the 767-400ER in X-Plane 11 can be somewhat perplexing, especially if you are working with an iMac. Don't worry though; I'm here to guide you through the process. Here's how you can get the addon plane into X-Plane 11:

1. Locate the Downloaded File
The file you've downloaded from Flyaway should be a compressed file, likely in ZIP format. Find the location where it has been saved, usually in the 'Downloads' folder.

2. Unzip the File
On your iMac, you'll need to unzip the file by simply double-clicking on it. Inside, you'll find a folder that usually contains the aircraft data.

3. Move to the Aircraft Folder
Open the main directory of X-Plane 11. Navigate to the 'Aircraft' folder, and within it, you should find a folder named 'Laminar Research'. If you have other folders for third-party aircraft, you can place the addon there too.

4. Copy the Addon Aircraft Folder
Simply drag and drop the addon folder from the unzipped location into the 'Laminar Research' or third-party aircraft folder. Your directory path should look something like this:

  • X-Plane 11 > Aircraft > Laminar Research > [Your Addon Folder]

5. Start X-Plane 11
Launch X-Plane 11, and the new aircraft should be available in your list of planes.

Note: In some cases, additional plugins may be required, so do check any accompanying documentation for specific requirements or steps.

It's important to mention that this process is specific to X-Plane 11 and may not necessarily apply to other platforms like Microsoft Flight Simulator. Also, ensure that you are using an addon compatible with your X-Plane 11 version.

I hope this guide assists you in installing your new addon plane. Should you face any further issues, feel free to ask!

Happy flying!

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