Just installed fsx steam edition. why so bad?

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i have a powerful system running gigabyte nvidia 2070 super card and just purchased a ultrawide 34inch monitor.  was really excited to play flight sims again after 15 years.  the game feels like im on my amiga from the 90s.

it looks nothing like the youtube vids.


please look at that and see how his looks. his cockpit all zoomed out. and he can move around cockpit easy.  I have to right click mouse then choose a cockpit view.  I really dont want to get xplane 11 as fsx 2020 is out soon but the way this looks i cant even play it as it is.. yet all the youtube vids look so good

also i remember back in the day there used to be keyboard quickcard telling you all the keys and what they did.

So im asking

1. where is the manual
2. How do i get it to look like that youtube vid


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Here are the keyboard commands.

As to Steam, turn down some of your settings (slides) autogen, AI, shadows and clouds use up most of the computers power. lowering those will help others to look better.


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I've also recently started playing FSX SE after a very long hiatus.  Now I'm older and getting into tinkering with it.  FSX always has and always will require lot's of tinkering, even the Steam Edition.  Many of the videos you probably saw were from people who have done the tinkering which is why they look so much better.

FSX SE is not a remake of FSX as most people first assume.  From what I understand, what they did basically is go through and fix the many, countless bugs, glitches, and errors in the game and made it run somewhat smoother on modern Windows 10 than the box version.  Smoother being a relative term here.

Here's what I've learned about FSX SE and FSX in general that apply to both:

1. I don't belive they altered the original textures or the way FSX looks for the most part in SE.  This is why it looks and feels the same without tinkering.  Though you can find lots of great addons and posts on how to edit the fsx.cfg file here on this site and others that greatly improve the way it looks and feels.

2. They're both very CPU intensive sims and they use surprisingly little of the GPU's available resources (I have a Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro Plus).  At most, my GPU usage in  task manager, only uses 22% while the CPU usage (I have a Ryzen 7 2700X) is at 100% usage often while in flight.  This is just the way FSX was designed, no getting around it.  The best GPU in the world won't help one bit.  You're actually better off investing in a better CPU.  Even with my CPU I still often can't run scenery and graphical settings on all max.

3. You do still have to tweak the .cfg file.  You still need to add or change things like: HIGHMEMFIX=1 (Allows FSX SE to use more than 1Gb RAM), Wide_View_Aspect=True (Will give you wide screen view you'r looking for), as well as many others can greatly improve it's performance.  I've gottem my .cfg file mostly the way I want it now and it's way better than stock settings.


FSX SE is great and totally worth the price for anyone that plans to play FSX a lot because so many flaws have been fixed compared to any box versions.  Even if you're not the tinkering type, you just want to get out and fly, I still believe it's worth it because you will run into less issues (though I do recommend at the very minimum the 2 different .cfg edits I suggested above).  I personally, have learned to accept it with it's flaws and quirks that cannot be fixed because when it comes down to it, I still have endless fun flying this old sim again.

Remember, FSX is 16 years old and defintely has it's own unique, quirky personallity and only so much can be done to fix it so I just recommend you strap in, start the engines and take to the skys.  Once you begin to accept it for what it is and forget about pulling out your hair, trying to figure out how to get to work perfectly, you will have a much richer and more enjoyable experience.


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