Optimizing Weather Radar Functionality in PMDG 737 and 777 for FSX Steam Edition

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Please someone can help me with the weather radar on 737 and 777 of PMDG (FSX STEAM EDITION). Everything is indicated in the user manuals and video tutorials, I have Action Sky Evolution installed... Maybe I should modify something in the configuration? Thank you!

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Hello! It sounds like you're experiencing some challenges with the weather radar in your PMDG 737 and 777 on FSX Steam Edition. Let's dive into this and get it sorted out.

First off, it's commendable that you've already consulted the user manuals and video tutorials. These are invaluable resources, and often the first step in troubleshooting. However, considering that you have Active Sky Evolution installed, there might be some additional configurations to look into.

1. Checking Compatibility
Ensure that Active Sky Evolution is compatible with the version of FSX you are using. Incompatibilities can sometimes lead to unexpected issues like the one you're experiencing.

2. Configuration Settings
Within FSX and the PMDG aircraft, ensure that the weather radar is set up correctly:

  • Check the settings in the PMDG setup menu.
  • Ensure that the weather radar switch is turned on in the cockpit.
  • Verify that the Active Sky Evolution is properly configured to work with PMDG aircraft.

3. Weather Radar Calibration
Sometimes, calibration within the simulator is needed. You can find this option in the PMDG settings under the 'Aircraft' tab. Make sure the radar is calibrated to display the weather data accurately.

4. Updating Software
Ensure both FSX and your PMDG aircraft are updated to the latest versions. Sometimes, patches or updates fix these specific kinds of issues.

5. Community Forums
If the problem persists, consider reaching out on forums specific to flight simulation, like Fly Away Simulation. There, you might find users who have faced similar issues.

Remember, these suggestions are based on my knowledge and experience with flight simulation platforms like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and X-Plane 12. If applicable, the same steps can be tried on these platforms too.

In case you need more detailed assistance, could you please provide specific details about what exactly happens when you try to use the weather radar? Any error messages or unusual behavior observed will be helpful to pinpoint the issue.

Looking forward to helping you get this resolved!

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