P3D v5 locks up

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I recently installed P3D v5 on my Win 10 desktop.  I am having a problem getting it to work with my Radeon R7 video card.  The program locks up or gives me the error DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG when I load a flight. I have checked the directX version, it is 12 and have updated the card with the latest driver.  I have FS2004 on the PC as well as FSX and don't have a problem running either one of them.  My PC is an AMD A8-7670 10 Computer Cores 4C+6G on an A68HM Grenade (MS-7891) 64 bit Motherboard.  I am running 32Gig of ram.  

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This is the fix I found, hope it works for you.



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