Compatibility of Prepar3D v4/v5 Add-ons with Prepar3D v6: A Comprehensive Guide

James Simpson Guest

I am curious to know, Do Prepar3D v4 and v5 add-ons/mods work in Prepar3D v6?

I know since the 64-bit conversion with Prepar3Dv4 that essentially anything that works with v4 should work with v5 and v6 but can you provide more guidance?  I am hoping all of the freeware available for v4/v5 will be compatible with my now updated (and purchased) v6 version.

I'm tempted by MSFS 2020 but would love to stick with the ESP/FSX-based system as it's something I'm familiar with.

Any advice, tips or pointers are greatly appreciated in advance.

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Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Captain
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Hello there!

You've raised an insightful query about the compatibility of add-ons across different versions of Prepar3D. Let's delve into this.

First of all, you can find our Prepar3D dedicated page here which also features P3Dv6 compatible add-ons.

Firstly, it's commendable that you're exploring the depths of Prepar3D v6, a sophisticated flight simulation platform. Your point about the 64-bit architecture since v4 creating a smooth transition to subsequent versions is spot on. However, when it comes to add-ons, the scenario is a bit nuanced.

  • Compatibility: Most add-ons designed for Prepar3D v4 should technically be compatible with v5 and v6. This is because they share a similar core architecture. However, this is not a blanket rule.
  • Specifics Matter: Some add-ons, especially those deeply integrated with the simulator's engine or using specific features of v4/v5, may face issues. These can range from minor glitches to complete non-functionality.
  • Freeware Variability: The scenario with freeware is a mixed bag. While many freeware developers update their offerings for newer versions, some do not. It's a matter of checking each add-on individually.
  • MSFS 2020 Temptation: It's understandable to be tempted by Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, known for its stunning visuals and expansive ecosystem. However, sticking to what you're familiar with has its merits, especially in terms of mastery and comfort.

As for your inclination towards the ESP/FSX-based system, that's a choice many seasoned simmers resonate with. The familiarity and extensive support available for this platform are indeed its strong suits.

Advice and Tips:

  • Before updating or purchasing add-ons, it's wise to check their compatibility on forums or the developer's website.
  • For freeware, explore dedicated forums or community groups. Members often share insights on compatibility and workarounds.
  • Embrace the exploration of new platforms like MSFS 2020 while cherishing the familiarity of Prepar3D. Each has unique offerings enriching your flight sim experience.

In essence, while there's a good chance of compatibility, it's not guaranteed. It pays to do a bit of research and testing for each add-on you're interested in.

Feel free to reach out if you need more specifics or have other queries. Happy flying!

Note: My insights are based on current knowledge and experiences with various flight simulation platforms, including Prepar3D and MSFS 2020.

Ian Stephens

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