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I assume developers and web administrators are checking these post. I have both Flight Sim X and X Plane. I have more trouble downloading to FSX. I am only able to use about half the downloads. Often the planes never show up on the planes lists or they show up all white. (which I can fix but it effects the graphics quality). 
   Downloading to X Plane is much more reliable. So far everything I have downloaded works fine. I just whish there were more selections. Are more downloads coming for X Plane?

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First, if they show up white, go to the graphics tab in the Sim and uncheck the DirectX box.
Second, if the aircraft you add-on will not show up in the list, check the box marked "show all variations" in the tab where you choose the aircraft you want to fly.
Third, as for more aircraft for X-Plane, they come as fast as designers make them, don't forget they are giving them free.

As for pay aircraft:




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Thanks for the info. I will check out that other web site.

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