Slow downloads AFTER joining the Pro section (monthly)

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David Locatell (daveloc) Trainee

After signing up Monthly, My downloads are still just as SLOW as the free downloads were before. What am I doing wrong? :cry:

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Flyaway will answer you when he see this.
Sorry I can't help with that section.


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Dear David,

Thank you for your message.

I can see you're logged in successfully, so that isn't a problem.

Can you try the downloads again and let me know what speed you are achieving?

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David Locatell (daveloc) Trainee

yesterday After posting to you, I got several downloads @ about 20 to 29 Kb/sec. Now I click on down load and it doesn't even open. just reverts to before I clicked download.

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Can you please provide an example URL of the download file you're getting this error with? Also, can I ask what browser/version and operating system you are using?

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David Locatell (daveloc) Trainee

My System is as follows

AMD Phenom ( tm ) 9850 Quad Core
Processor 2.50 GHZ
8.00GB RAM
64 bit OS

Actually, today I found that I Had indeed gotten the downloads 7 or 8 times on each one. The reason I thought otherwise was that the day before---- when I clicked download, I got a toolbar in a box showing the progress. This time I didn't get the "Box"----- It just said "Downloading your file" at the top of the page.I therefore thought that I wasn't getting it until I opened up my Download file this morning, and they were all there.

Guess I hit the panic Button Prematurely. Sorry, I just got a little confused,I guess.

Thanks for your fast help and response.

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