EZ-Landclass has stopped working, reason unknown

Roger Wensley Guest

I have used EZ-Landclass for years and never had a problem. Now, I go through the process and there is no result to be seen in FS9, no new terrain texture there to see. There is a bgl, as normal, and it is in a "live" scenery folder, one where FS9 recognises and shows scenery from all other bgl's (buildings, runway, windsock, etc) including airfield background grass created with SBuilder. I downloaded and reinstalled EZ-Landclass from this website, tried different textures, and made no progress. The story is detailed in the FS9 forum of flightsim too. Any ideas?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Don't know why.
Take a look at this and see if it helps.
If you have a huge amount of scenery installed there may be a limit, try deleting one you don't care for to make room for this new one.


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