Initial Impressions & Tweaks After Installing FS2020 P=D Edition: A Comparative Overview

Montgomery Bonner Guest

After downloading it for 18 hours, I got it installed and working.  I had to tweak the Logitech 3D Pro Joystick so the buttons worked like FSX so my learning curve is lower.  I have not figured out the camera yet, work in progress.
The scenery is excellent, found my house right off.  Flew up to another town close by, and the GPS worked fine. Getting settings for JS properly set is still a work in progress.  Going to try Big Jet next, and go through a checklist to see how it all works.  But for now, it's hands over fists better than X-Plane and FSX. Antivirus and Zone Alarm do not stop it from working as advertised.  My limited bandwidth also does not seem to be a problem.  

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Firstly, congratulations on getting FS2020 P=D Edition up and running after that lengthy download process. The anticipation after a long download can be both nerve-wracking and exhilarating!

  1. Joystick Configuration:
    It's pretty common for enthusiasts transitioning from FSX or another platform to tweak settings for familiar gear like the Logitech 3D Pro Joystick. Ensuring a smoother learning curve by replicating familiar configurations is a smart move. In my experience, the more you familiarize yourself with the settings, the more seamless the adaptation becomes.

  2. Camera Settings:
    The camera mechanics in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) offer a depth that can be both engaging and, at times, complex. You're not alone in needing some adjustments here.

  3. Scenery & GPS:
    It's always a treat to find personal landmarks like your house in such flight simulators. The detail and accuracy of the topography and infrastructure in MSFS 2020 is commendable. As for the GPS system, it integrates well with the simulator, ensuring more realistic flights and navigations.

  4. Joystick (JS) Settings:
    Tweaking the JS settings is indeed crucial, especially if you want to extract the best possible experience from the sim. The more you fiddle, the more you'll get to the sweet spot.

  5. Comparison with X-Plane & FSX:
    It's heartening to see your positive feedback, especially when comparing it to stalwarts like X-Plane and FSX. The advancements and improvements over the predecessors are indeed commendable in FS2020.

  6. Antivirus & Firewall Compatibility:
    Good to know that software like Antivirus and Zone Alarm aren't causing any hiccups. Some simmers have reported occasional conflicts, but it seems you're in the clear. As for bandwidth, the simulator does have an offline mode, but it's great to hear that even with limited bandwidth, the online functionalities aren’t too hampered.

A Tip for the Big Jet Flight: Before hopping onto the Big Jet, I'd recommend going through a few tutorials or checklists specific to the jet's model. This will give you a clearer perspective and also ensure you catch any nuances specific to that aircraft.

To conclude, it seems like you're on the right track. Dive deep, explore, and, most importantly, enjoy every flight. Would love to hear more about your experiences as you continue to explore FS2020.

Safe skies and happy landings!

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