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I'm new here, I could use some advice on choosing a simulator. I got my instrument rating in 1995 and left flying in 2001. Now I'm retired and thinking about taking it up again. I just need a simple sim to reaquaint me with routes and approaches, and the ATC system. I think I just want a simple panel with 2 ipads, one for instruments/controls and the other for the radio stack. I just need joystick with a throttle and I will mount those ipads on mdf board. I will buy a dedicated desktop for the sim software. I desire simplicity; which sim software? best dedicated pc? and which ipad instrument software will provide the simplest integration? Hope I'm not stepping on any toes here, any help would be appreciated.  

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I've only used FSX and the new MSFS 2020 and of those two I would recommend the new MSFS.  It's much more user friendly than FSX.  P3D  is quite similar to FSX from what I've read but much more polished.  I don't know much about XPlane 11 besides it's much more modern than FSX or P3D and the graphics better. The new MSFS 2020 is less than a year since release, graphics are the best you can find and the flight modeling is more superior compared to the others if your looking for the most realistic experience and for a flight simulator it's quite user friendly.  I can't imagine the others being as friendly.

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