One livery in free ATR 42 Virtualcol Pack has black fuselage


Hi you all,
i´m using FSX Steam and WIN 10.
The ATR 42 Pack brings lots of liveries. All wrok without problems in installung and flying.
Only the livery TAME für the ATR 425 shows a black front fuselage in the free flight starting page and in flight.
I don´t use DX 10 preview. The vcatr_use_t.bmp file in the texture.tame folder has a size of 3MB, all others texture files in the dozens of livery files have only 1 MB. And in Windows 10 only this .bmp file show a Icon with  picture of the graphic work for the fuselage. No other  .bmp file show a pictured icon.
In the Aircraft.cfg I could´n´t find any anomalies.
Hope to get your help
Herbert C

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