How Do I make FSX Look Better

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Hi!My Laptop is an i5 2nd Generation 2.5GhzRAM: 6GBGPU: Intel HD Graphics 3000 (1.7GB)Windows 10 64bitI have only spent a few hours playing the game but the picture quality is crap. On Youtube, I see videos of FSX flights using +/- the same components as me and they look much better. These are the Videos

One Reddit user suggested this so that my FSX looks like this The problem is I don't know where to begin configuring.

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Hi. Try installing the top rated enhancement Add ons. You have to Google it though.

Here is a link of some of the basic ones.

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Orbx has the best scenery available for FSX but you do need to pay for it (though they do offer some free stuff).  If you use FSX a lot, than it's worth it in my opinion.  They have lots of different kinds of scenery and other add-ons but even if you just start with the Global Base Pack, that alone will improve the default world scenery quite dramatically.

If you want to go this route, I suggest you download there store app here:
There you can easly browse, download, and manage you're Orbx add-ons.

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