Lost scenery.

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I seem to have lost a lot of west coast scenery: Norhwest California, Wasington, and British Columbia. Everything is just a flat nothing with no airports. Any idea what I might have done to cause this or how to repair it? I have treid deleting FSX Steam and reloading the program but nothing gets fixed.

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I suggest you try this:

Try running the integrity verification process for FSX through Steam.  You can do this by going to FSX SE in you're Steam library and clicking on the little gear shaped icon in the upper right, then select properties, click on local files and there you'll see a button labeled Verify Integrity of Game FIles.  Click that and let it run until it's finished.  This process should repace any missing game files.  If that doesn't work than you're only option is to reinstall the game.


Thank you for the instructions.

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No problem, I hope it helps.  I forgot to add that if you have any add-on scenery installed, I recommend disabling it in the FSX scenery library, then try running FSX with just the default scenery and see if that fixes it.  Add-on scenery can cause issues at times.

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