Loss of Buildings and Scenery Details in Las Vegas Area with HD Mesh

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When the mesh scenery was added to the Las Vegas NV area it lost most of the buildings and at night lost the great-looking Vegas Strip.  Does anyone have a reason for that?  Also, why did Xplane make Boulder (Hoover) Dam look like a dirt pile? Thanks All.

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It seems you've come across some challenges with the HD and UHD mesh scenery in X-Plane 12 around the Las Vegas area. These issues might include a loss of buildings and inaccuracies with the Hoover Dam. Let's dive into the probable causes and remedies.

1. Scenery Order in Rendering:
One key aspect to consider when dealing with mesh scenery is the order of rendering. Ensuring the proper arrangement in the Scenery_Packs.ini file can be the solution to the issues you are facing.

  1. Airports: These should be at the top of your Scenery_Packs.ini.
  2. Overlays: These come next and should be below the airports but above the mesh.
  3. Meshes: The UHD and HD meshes you are referring to, available here for UHD and here for HD, should be near the bottom of the Scenery_Packs.ini, just above any other global or general scenery.

2. The Hoover Dam Issue:
The depiction of the Boulder (Hoover) Dam as a "dirt pile" seems to be an issue related to the latest X-Plane 12 update. This is something that the community is aware of, and we hope that Laminar Research will address it in a future update.

3. Recommended Steps:

  • Review and rearrange the Scenery_Packs.ini, ensuring that the ordering follows the general rule of Airports > Overlays > Meshes.
  • Re-add the Las Vegas mesh scenery using the links provided above, if needed.
  • Keep an eye on updates from Laminar Research for a potential fix regarding the Hoover Dam.

By following these insights, you should be able to restore the Las Vegas area to its vibrant glory. Scenery ordering, particularly in the context of mesh scenery, can be a delicate balance, but with careful attention, you should see the desired results.

Happy flying, and may your virtual skies be clear and your landings smooth!

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