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After years of downloading from your site by free download speeds, I paid for a year's membership.

I have a 400Mbs wired LAN connection and Ookla Speedtest confirms my download speeds.

Yet, my download speeds on Fly Away Simulations are still at a snail's pace in mid January in North Dakota, USA.

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Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Trainee

Hi Devildog73,

We will look into this for you and can assure you that this is not normal and needs to be resolved.

There could be several factors at play here.

What speed specifically do you achieve when logged into and downloading from your PRO account?  Is it always the same speed (possible rate-limiting in transit) or does it fluctuate up and down?

What browser and operating system are you using?  Are you connected via Ethernet or WiFi?

Finally, are you talking to us on IPv4 or IPv6?  You can go to Google and type in "what's my IP address".  If you have a longer address with ":" then it's IPv6.  If you have a shorter address with "." then it's IPv4 (you don't need to reveal to the forum your public IP).

If we need to ask more specific questions we may need to take this up via email as we can't discuss your personal information out in the open (on the forums).

We'll get to the bottom of this!  If the error falls on our end we'll also refund your subscription payments for the term so far.

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Devildog73 Trainee

My speedtest results during download from flyawaysimulation: 200.90Mbs, U/L 20.82Mbs, Ping 32ns, Jitter 61ms.
I am on a hard wired ethernet internet connection of 400Mbs during non peak use.
I am using Firefox browser.
Windows 10X64 bit OS which is up to date with most recent updates.
My system shows both IPv6 and IPv4 accesses.
My PC is operating with 3.6 Gig CPU.

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Devildog73 Trainee

During download, my downloads from flyawaysimulation are running between 7.1 and 30.0 Mbs.

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Devildog73 Trainee

My mistake: Running 1.8 to 7.1 Mbs from flyaway. I was reading the wrong numbers on my previous post.
I moved over to my 5G wireless and downloaded several files from SOH of 15 to 307 Megs in the time my two d/l from flyaway are still running. I am going to find a 50Gig scenery file on SOH to download on my wireless and see the comparison. Standby.
The largest file I could find on SOH was 68 Megs of Richard Ludwoise's mesh. I d/l in less than 30 seconds on my wireless connection.
I suspect the difference is in the size of the files. Flyaway has very few scenery files of less than a GIig in size.
SOH, as near as I can tell has very few over 70 Megs. I downloaded a couple of 1.7 Gigs from Flyaway which zoomed through at expected high rates of d/l speed.

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