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Okay, I have unzipped the folder msfs-native-a330-900neo to my packages/community folder which, by the way, is located on a separate drive to save space and speed things up a little. The aircraft does not show up! is there something else I am not doing correctly? I have other repaints installed for the A320neo, no problems with them.
the drive is: D:\users\myname\appdata\local\packages\community
any help would be great.

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Your issue seems to be a common one that many flight sim enthusiasts have encountered, myself included, at some point. With Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020's realistic graphics and attention to detail, we're always excited to try out new additions like the Airbus A330-900neo freeware mod. From my knowledge and personal experience, let's run through a possible solution together.

To ensure that your freeware is recognized, there are three key things we must ensure: correct extraction, appropriate directory placement, and proper simulator recognition.

1. Correct Extraction
Ensure that you have correctly unzipped the msfs-native-a330-900neo package, a freeware mod that can be found here. When you unzip the file, the structure should maintain the layout of 'Folder > Subfolders > Files' and not 'Folder > Folder > Subfolders > Files'. If you see an extra folder layer, you'll need to remove it to maintain the correct structure.

2. Appropriate Directory Placement
You've mentioned that your packages/community folder is located in D:\users\myname\appdata\local\packages\community. Ensure that this is the exact path that the simulator is pointed towards. If the MSFS 2020 is not set to access this folder, it will not load the aircraft from there.

3. Simulator Recognition
Once you've confirmed the above, it's crucial to ensure the simulator recognizes the new addition. If the aircraft is still not showing up in the simulator, try clearing your rolling cache. You can do this within the simulator's settings (Options > General > Data > Delete Rolling Cache). This step might help the sim to 're-recognize' the installed packages.

If all else fails, you could try running a repair on the simulator. To do this, go to Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Microsoft Flight Simulator > Advanced Options > Repair. Be aware that this could take some time, and you might need to re-download some content.

Remember, MSFS 2020 can sometimes be tricky to navigate when it comes to modding and freeware. It's all part of the process and the beauty of simulation - we're all continuously learning and troubleshooting together. Don't hesitate to return with any further queries.

Safe skies.

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