Sand is not white but purplish in the Florida scenery pack

Ernest Gupana Guest

I just downloaded the 65gig Florida add-on and it's working great on XP11. However, I noticed that the color of the sand is purplish and not white. Is there something that I'm missing in installing it? Or is there something that I have to adjust to make the color of the sand white?
Thanks for any help you can provide.


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tomsierrafly Trainee

"In X-Plane 11 the answer would be simple - this is an add-on scenery with a texture
file missing. This may indeed be the correct answer, but unfortunately in X-Plane 12 it
might well be caused by your graphics card NOT HAVING ENOUGH MEMORY !
Sorry, X-Plane-12 has much higher graphics memory requirements than you might
think! The recommended VRAM requirement is 4GB, but the moment you start
adding extra 3rd party scenery, that amount of VRAM might not be enough". Sorch Fly Low the Xplane 12 Handbook Vol 1.  tomsierra


I also just downloaded the Hawaii scenery and I'm still getting a really strong purplish color on the sand and the colors of the grass are really strong and too vivid bordering on not being natural looking. I don't think it's my monitor because when I load my ortho files or Orbx files the colors are just right. I like your ortho files because they are sharp but I don't know how to lessen the intensity. I think it's not my graphics card either as I am using a Mac Studio Max with 64 gigs of memory which I think is enough to run XP12. I wish there is a solution to this as I really like the sharpness of your orthos.
If it's the texture file that's missing, is there a way to get this or to generate this?

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