Org. scenery removes water reflection.

Falcon.DK Guest

I have been playing MSF2004 for a few month now, and yesterday I installed a scenery pack "european enhanced terrain".

When I started MF2004 there were water reflections. And it was bautyfull. I though it was part of the scenery pack I had just installed.

But I now realize that for some reason I had never had water reflections before and the scenery pack just enabled them. ┬┤BUT!!

If I choose to fly on a destination outside of the new scenery pack I loose my water reflections, and worse is that it also removes them from the scenery pack area. I then have to reinstall MS2004, and the scenery pack in order to get the water reflections back.

Can anyone help me on this one?

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Falcon.DK Guest

Found the reason.

I did'nt have AntiAliasing enabled in the setup, but I did have it enabled on my catalyst graphic driver.

Some strange way it seems to interfere with the scenery pack.

The rule is. If you enable AA you should remember to check it in the FS2004 settings.

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