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i purchased this pack a few weeksago and only just tried to use the taxi ways and parking area's. but for some reason the abingdon scenery pack says i am colliding with scenery. is there some way to correct this?

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Andy135 Guest

This scenery, and the one for Finningley were built with "detect building crash" swiched off in the sim, so this fault wasn't noticed. It isn't possible to correct the problem so They are being completely rebuilt and replacement sceneries will be offered free of charge when completed. In the meantime, you could switch off detect building crash in the sim.

Dave b Guest

I bought this some time back, I had several issues with it, some of the buildings were missing and there were no trees, I contacted the author who replied stating that some of the files must be missing. I had no suggestions or offers to put it right. 😞

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