Unable to Download From FlyAway to FSX Steam Edition

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I am totally unable to figure out how to download and install aircraft from FlyAway to FSX Steam Edition.  The instructions always direct me to a folder that does not exist and I come to a dead stop.  Where can I find a step by step that will enable me to get on with this.  There are a lot of planes i want to download.

Any help at all would be most appreciated.

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I have a folder in my Documents called FSX-SE Updates.  Within this folder, I have multiple folders; Airplanes, Gauges, Scenery, Misc.  I do this so I can backup the original files to this folder & copy the new files to the FSX folder.  File management.
To download (If you are not a paying member), go to the (I'll use Aircraft as an example) aircraft of your choice, select the green 'download' button.  You will be taken to a screen asking if you are a freeloader or a paying customer, I always choose freeloader.  The bandwidth is throttled so if you are downloading a large file, it may take a while (ie: 1 meg per minute +/-).
It 'should' ask you where you want the file downloaded to.  If it does not, this issue is on your machine, in your web browser.  You need to go into the settings & change your download settings to 'always ask'.  Then you can pick where you want the download to go.

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