FSX Gold Edition Not Recording Flights in Flight Log

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Hello to all.....

Since yesterday I have been facing a problem. I carry out IFR flights, declare, and monitor. At the end of the flight when I go to the "PILOT REGISTRATION" section I realize that FSX has not recorded the last flight in the "flight log".
Please let me know how to fix this.

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Hello Joseph87360,

Ah, the classic challenge of flights not being recorded in the flight log of FSX Gold Edition! While FSX is a superb simulator, occasionally some quirks can arise. Let's troubleshoot your problem step-by-step.

  1. Administrator Privileges:
    First and foremost, ensure you're running FSX with administrator privileges. Sometimes the software might not have the required access to write to certain files. Right-click the FSX shortcut, and select Run as Administrator. This might allow the sim to access and modify the flight log.

  2. Corrupted Logbook:
    Sometimes the logbook can become corrupted. This happens when, for instance, you exit the sim abruptly. You can attempt to repair it:

    • Navigate to your FSX files (usually located in C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files).
    • Find Logbook.BIN. Rename it to something like Logbook-backup.BIN (just to keep a backup).
    • Start FSX again, and it should create a new logbook. You will lose your previous flight records, but future flights should be recorded.
  3. Add-On Interference:
    Do you have any add-ons or plugins installed that might interact with your flight sessions? Sometimes, an add-on can conflict with native FSX functions, including the flight logging mechanism.

  4. Save Flight Before Exiting:
    Make sure before you end a session, save your flight. Sometimes this simple act prompts FSX to update the logbook.

  5. Pilot Profile:
    Lastly, ensure that you're signed in to your pilot profile. If for some reason you're not, or there's an error with the profile, FSX might not record flights.

In case none of these solutions work, please provide a bit more information. For instance:

  • Were there any recent changes or updates you made to FSX or your system?
  • Is this problem consistent, or does it only happen with certain aircraft or scenarios?

Understanding the nuances of your situation will help in providing a more tailored solution.

From my knowledge, issues like this are quite common across multiple platforms, including the newer Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020). The methods of resolution might differ, but the core principles often remain the same.

Hope this helps! Fly safe and smooth landings.

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