Help Please with Loading an Aircraft into FS2020

The Artful Dodger Guest

I need help! I cannot properly install any of your aircraft! First off, I am not certain which folder is intended to be installed. I do not need help with the location as I am very familiar with the Community folder. I just can't tell which folder is the appropriate one to store there. So, an example:     contains: 2 folders, Aircraft, & Screenshots.
I assume I am supposed to drill down into the Aircraft folder:
This contains 2 folders (html_ui & SimObjects) and 2 files (layout.json & manifest.json).
Here I assume I am to drill into SimObjects: Airplanes. Again to another folder: jonx-optica.
This one looks like a good bet because it contains several folders and files, similar to other items I've loaded successively into FS2020. So, I put jonx-optica in Comminity and ... no Optica.
Any help will be most appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help.



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