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Has anyone found an accurate FSX scenery package which shows the Florida Atlantic and Gulf beaches?
FSX stock Florida scenery was obviously composed by people who have never flown over and looked out their windows, or never been to Florida! There are NO beaches around Florida in FSX! And as most know, Florida is basically one BIG BEACH. The Atlantic Coast of Florida during high tide is still 20 to 50 yards of very blonde sandy beach from Georgia to Miami.
I did a search here and found none.
I did a seach online and there are a couple of payware "complete Florida" packages.
I am willing to pay for the scenery, BUT NOT if it is just a redo of Microsoft's no beach Florida.
So, back to my original question: can anyone recommend an accurate Florida scenery package which you know has beaches from Georgia to Miami and Naples to Mobile?

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Hi Lee,

As a fellow flight sim enthusiast who appreciates realistic and accurate scenery, I understand your desire to find a suitable add-on that accurately depicts the beautiful beaches of Florida in FSX. Below are a couple of recommendations that should enhance your flying experience along the Florida coastline.

ORBX FTX Global - This is a comprehensive scenery package that significantly improves the overall visual quality of the entire world in FSX. While it doesn't specifically focus on Florida, it does enhance the landclass, coastlines, and beach textures. You'll notice a significant improvement in the appearance of beaches in Florida and around the globe.

Ultimate Terrain X - USA - This package focuses on improving the terrain in the United States, including coastlines, beaches, and landclass data. It should provide a more accurate representation of Florida's coastline and beaches, making them more recognizable when flying. However, do note that this is a complete USA package, and not Florida-specific.

If you're looking for a Florida-specific scenery package, you may have to search a bit deeper. There are a few developers who have created regional scenery packages for Florida, though it may require some trial and error to find the one that meets your expectations. Be sure to read the reviews and look for user screenshots to get a better idea of what to expect from each package.

Additionally, you might want to explore the freeware community, as there are many talented developers who have created regional sceneries. Websites like Fly Away Simulation, AVSIM, and Flightsim.com often host user-created content, and you might find a Florida-specific scenery package there.

I hope this information is helpful in your search for an accurate Florida scenery package that includes the beautiful beaches from Georgia to Miami and Naples to Mobile.

Happy flying and enjoy the view!

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Hi Lee, have you had a chance to try Ian's suggestions (thanks Ian!) or found any good options for FL scenery? I'm on the west coast, and I would love to find something with accurate representation of the Clearwater and Tampa Bay area. Thanks, Ken

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