Troubleshooting Caravan Cockpit Button Activation Issues in VR Mode

OoohAhh Guest

Yet all others do.

Flying the Caravan.

Using a mouse.

Buttons light up blue to show them highlighted/selected, but, a mouse click doesn't activate them. as it does with others, such as AP, FLC etc.

Am I missing something?

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It seems you're facing an issue that's quite familiar to some members of our community. The Caravan in VR mode can sometimes exhibit some quirks when it comes to button functionality. Let's delve into this and get it sorted out.

1. Basic Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Ensure your Mouse Configuration: Sometimes, certain mouse buttons or configurations may interfere with the expected behavior. Double-check your mouse settings in the simulator to ensure there aren't any conflicting assignments.
  • Update Graphics Drivers: Outdated graphics drivers might conflict with VR operations. Keep them up-to-date to ensure smooth gameplay.

2. VR Mouse Interactions:

  • Interaction Mode: Ensure you're using the correct VR mouse interaction mode. There are different modes like 'locked' and 'legacy'. Experimenting with these might solve the issue.
  • Zooming Function: If your view is too far or too close, it can affect mouse interactions. Adjust your viewpoint to see if this rectifies the button responsiveness.

3. Known VR Issues & Patches:
The Microsoft Flight Simulator team has been actively working on resolving VR issues. From my knowledge, they release patches that occasionally address these nuances. Check the official patch notes and see if there's a relevant fix. You can visit the official site for updates.

4. Alternative Control Methods:

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: If the direct mouse-click isn't working, you might want to utilize the assigned keyboard shortcuts for those functions temporarily.
  • Controller Mapping: If you possess additional controllers, consider mapping the HDG and NAV functions to them as an interim solution.

5. Community Solutions:
There have been instances where community members discovered unique workarounds for such issues. I'd recommend scanning this forum for any related threads. Fellow simmers often share invaluable insights based on personal experiences.

6. Report the Bug:
If all else fails, consider reporting this as a bug to the Microsoft Flight Simulator development team. They actively monitor community feedback and might already be working on a solution.

In summary, while the world of flight simulation is immensely rewarding, it occasionally throws us these little curveballs. But fret not! The community here is always ready to help. I hope these solutions guide you in the right direction. Happy flying!

P.S. As a side note, while your question specifically pertains to Microsoft Flight Simulator, some of the general troubleshooting steps can also apply to platforms like X-Plane 12. Always good to know for those using multiple sim platforms!

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