Zenith 701 Visibility Issues in FSX: Can it be Resolved?


Good morning, the p3dv4 Zenith 701 is supposed to work on FSX, I entered it, and it works but the problem is invisible. Can we solve this problem? Thank you for all your answers.

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I appreciate your patience with this puzzling scenario. The Zenith 701, despite its attributes, does pose some compatibility issues which we'll dive into.

First off, the Zenith 701 available on Fly Away Simulation is designed primarily for Prepar3D (P3D), not FSX. While many aircraft models and addons designed for P3D might seem to work in FSX at a glance, under-the-hood differences between these platforms can lead to unpredictable issues like what you're experiencing: the invisible aircraft.

  • Model Compatibility: P3D utilizes a more advanced rendering engine and has seen several updates since its divergence from FSX. This means aircraft models, especially their MDL files (which define how they look), may not always be backwards compatible.
  • Texture Formats: Sometimes, even if a model is visible, textures (the paint on your aircraft) might be saved in a format or resolution not supported or optimized for FSX, causing them not to load.
  • Configuration Files: Aircraft.cfg and panel.cfg define various settings and instrument panel layouts for aircraft. Incompatibilities here might not always render the aircraft invisible but can cause other unpredictable behaviors.

To troubleshoot your current issue:

  • Check the Installation Path: Ensure the Zenith 701 files are in the correct FSX folders.
  • Scour for Updates: Sometimes, there might be patches or fixes provided by the aircraft developer or the community. Ensure you've got the latest files from my knowledge.
  • Alternative Models: Consider seeking an alternative Zenith 701 model explicitly designed for FSX, if the need to fly this specific model in FSX is high.

Remember, while it might be tempting to use P3D-specific models in FSX due to their enhanced details and features, it's always best to use content designed for the specific sim platform you're using to ensure optimal performance and fewer headaches.

Lastly, if you could provide more details on any error messages or other anomalies you're experiencing, I could try to assist further.

Note: Always make a backup of your simulator's folders and files before making any changes or adding new content. Safety first!

rhoffmeister Guest

It's been roughly 3 years and no one has been able to make this thing fly in FSX.

I think the short answer to your question is, "No".

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