Resolving Mesh Anomalies and Artifacts in Mexico Photoreal Scenery for X-Plane 12

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Hi, I downloaded Mexico Orthos and placed them in the custom folder, also the overlays. But I wonder why there are so many Mesh files in the folder. Usually, this is not the case in the ortho folders. Also, I am getting strange artifacts in Mexico, near Mexico City. Can anyone help?

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Your inquiry about the Mexico orthophoto (photoreal) scenery is indeed intriguing. I remember my early days tinkering with sceneries and encountering similar puzzles. Let's deep-dive into the crux of your query.

  • Mexico Orthos in Custom Folder: Spot on with placing the Mexico Orthos in the custom folder, along with the overlays. This ensures the game recognizes and layers the content as intended. Orthophotos are aerial imagery that offers a realistic ground look, significantly upping the immersion factor.
  • Mesh Files: On the abundance of mesh files in the folder - mesh files are integral to detailing the terrain's physical characteristics. A Mesh represents terrain elevation points. Mesh and orthophotos complement each other. By blending accurate mesh with orthophotos, you get a visual treat that's also topographically accurate. It's not a universal norm to have an abundance of mesh files, but detailed sceneries sometimes necessitate it.
  • Artifacts Near Mexico City: Artifacts, those pesky visual distortions, can stem from conflicting data or misalignments. Their genesis can be attributed to various factors:
    • Layering Conflicts: Ensure the Mexico Orthos are aptly positioned in your scenery_packs.ini file. Those demanding higher precedence ought to be listed higher up.
    • Sceneries at Odds: Scrutinize for other Mexico-related sceneries or overarching mesh packs that might be in contention.
    • A Flawed Download: Infrequently, a disrupted download or data corruption can wreak havoc. It might be worth your while to re-fetch the Mexico orthophoto scenery to ascertain its integrity.

Should you, after a thorough vetting of these aspects, still grapple with the glitches, might I suggest providing a more granulated description or perhaps snapshots? This deeper insight would certainly be instrumental in diagnosing the root issue.

From my own simulation journey, I've realized that perseverance and a keen eye for detail always pay dividends. Your commitment to elevating your simming experience will undoubtedly culminate in many an awe-inspiring flight. Here's to clear, artifact-free skies!

Footnote: Embarking on tweaks and positional shuffles in the .ini file can sometimes yield the ideal visual results. It's a prudent move, however, to have a backup of the original data. This safety net ensures a quick rollback, if needed. Happy flying!

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