FSX Steam on Windows 11: Rotorcraft & Helicopters Missing In-Game Despite CFG Presence

Butch V Guest

Hello, I am running Windows 11, in FSX Steam why is it that rotorcraft nor helicopters do not show up in my simulator anymore? They are in the cfg file but not in the game. thanks.

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I feel your frustration and it's not uncommon for such hiccups to surface, especially with the various nuances of running older simulators on newer operating systems such as Windows 11. Here's a step-by-step guide to potentially rectify your rotorcraft dilemma:

  • Check CFG File Integrity: First, confirm that the entries in your Aircraft.cfg for these rotorcraft are correct. Any small syntactical error can cause them not to appear.
  • Graphics Settings:
    - Sometimes, adjusting the graphics settings (especially the aircraft detail) might bring back missing aircraft. Go to the Settings menu, then Display, and tweak the aircraft detail slider.

  • File Paths: Ensure the rotorcraft and helicopter folders are indeed where they should be – typically under "SimObjects/Airplanes" in your FSX directory.
  • FSX Cache: Clearing the FSX cache can sometimes help. Navigate to "AppData\Local\Microsoft\FSX" and delete the 'cache' folder, but remember to back it up first.
  • Compatibility Mode: Although you're on Windows 11, running FSX in compatibility mode for Windows 10 or 7 might yield better results.
    - Right-click on the FSX executable > Properties > Compatibility > Check "Run this program in compatibility mode for" > Choose Windows 7 or 10 from the dropdown.

If you've installed any new addons or made changes, they might be interfering with your rotorcraft. Consider checking the most recent installations.

A more drastic measure would be a fresh installation of FSX Steam, but I'd recommend this only as a last resort. Ensure you've backed up your addons, custom liveries, or any configurations you've tweaked.

Lastly, remember that the 2020 version of Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane 12 also have robust helicopter simulations if you ever consider making the jump. But of course, FSX holds a special place for many of us, and its longevity speaks to its quality.

If these steps don't yield a resolution, please provide more specifics regarding your recent installations or changes to the simulator. That could help narrow down potential issues.

Best of luck, and clear skies!

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